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The Perpetual Postcard Project

Christina Quintana–playwright, actress, and overall unbelievable human being. Quintana and I met and attended college together for two semesters and quickly found ourselves in a deeply intellectual friendship, given our shared passion for writing and observing. Quintana started this blog about a year ago and has found great success. Everyone should check it out. She sends people handmade postcards, design inspired by Buddhist Monks’ transitory sand paintings, with no return address. AND SHE WOULD SEND YOU ONE TOO! If you want more than the postcard project, please look into her playwriting, at least! She is something big.

Back to basics

I am writing a book. A novel. Getting BACK TO BASICS. Swimming the in the deep seas of my subconscious.

Fiction writing makes my world go round. It gives these people in my head voices and intentions. It makes my life make more sense. I am sorting through the bullshit and the words. I will be posting excerpts from my book on here as if starts to take shape. However, I wanted to pass on a gem for other aspiring writers out there. John Gardner’s book, Becoming A Novelist is a MUST READ. While I am not the biggest fan of Gardner himself, (he tends to get didactic), this book will set you on the right track, offer perfect insight, and most of all, get you into that “novel writing state of mind.”


Here they are! Pictures! Finally. This is only a few, a very few of everything, but I didn’t want to keep you all waiting. Above are a few shots from New Mexico and Colorado, the first day of the adventure–June 24th. Enjoy.

Notes from the road

I-8o East. 8 o’clock pm. We have entered Iowa. I have lost track of time. The sun is still shining, beating on my left side and sunburn has set into my right shoulder. I drove a tank of gas–mostly through Nebraska–which was not all too thrilling–a flat expanse of green earth and farms with empty streets and skies and a quiet that could make a person go wild and deaf. But, in the back of the convertible, time does not exist. Day continues to encompass us, clear and bright and I am awed and enthralled by all this corn. Something so simple as corn–commonplace to my perspective  (and I’ll admit, the state of Iowa to feel the same) has taken my by surprise. We are diving at 75 mph. The top is down, this wind has been dancing with my hair all day. It’s knotted at the root and even as I’m writing this am looking through brown locks. But the corn..the corn is entrancing. Endless golden lines, bristling in the wind, stretching from the side of the road to the horizon, wrapping with the curves of the hills into labyrinths. This is the stuff this country is physically made of, just as I have brown hair and the imprint of the sun and time and travel on my skin. Corn.

Project: Maps and Colorado

The road trip has begun! We are halfway through our first day, presently in Boulder, CO sitting in Peet’s Coffee & Tea at the Twenty Ninth Street Shopping Center. I have successfully mastered driving a standard, gotten myself out of first gear and into second, even pulled a U-y on a hill! It’s off to Chicago in the morning. Below is a map of the route thus far as well as a note from the road.

I-25. Somewhere outside of Las Vegas, NM. Nick is driving. We put the top up because it’s beginning to rain. The rain is gentle and matches the sky. As we descended the last hill, the fog, white and fuzzy, like static sitting on top of the green farmland stretching on all sides of us became apparent and engulfing. There are train tracks embedded beside me, power-lines marking their distance, though counting each electric cross proves fruitless. And it’s strange to be exactly in a place (on I-25, driving in a car) but nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I have left the only house and home I have known recently. It was constant throughout a year of transition and now I am on the road. Rolling over pavement, in a dark green convertible, with two friends, siblings to one another, whom I can only begin to understand with each mile we drive. I want to scream on the top of my lungs, ask them questions. I wonder what they’re thinking, how the time and geography is effecting them. Are they content as I assume myself to be? The fog has lifted. It is sitting softly above us. Funny how clouds act that way. You look up at the sky and can feel their weight. The bottoms are rounded and dark, weeping for the absolution of rain. But the blue always peaks through and they are apparently clouds, tricking you.

Project: Maps and New Mexico

Fall 2009, two friends and I decided to begin to explore previously uncharted (to our minds and eyes) areas of New Mexico.

Our rules for adventure:

1.) We must drive to a town we have never been.

2.) Only local highways, no interstates.

3.) Document the experience however we saw fitting (photography, film, or writing in this case).

Moriarty, NM was our destination for this trip. We began in Santa Fe. Took 285 South to Highway 41, passed through Galisteo, Stanley, then to Moriarty–“The Crossorads of Opportunity,” where the Great Plains meet the Southern Rockies and Interstate 40. The town itself is a remnant and effect of Old Route 66 and it still has the antiquity and pace of the time.

Below are some pictures I took from the trip. Check back to the “Projects” page next week to see photography from the other adventurers.

Introducing…Liv Lombardi!

Liv Lombardi is a musician and improvisational performer currently based in Santa Fe, NM. She is a student at Santa Fe University of Art and Design where she studies acting, music, and linguistics. A self-taught guitarist, Liv has been playing for five years and writing her own music for the last two years. She was born and raised in Nutley, New Jersey, just ten miles outside New York City. Liv’s music is inspired by her awareness to life’s constant change, the landscape of New Mexico, the unique and electic energy of Santa Fe and the experiences and people she has met over the past three years. A performer in her own right, Liv has a passion for life and living and aims to spread love, happiness, and positive energy through her music.

To find out more about Liv, listen to her music, or contact her directly, check out:





If you are in Santa Fe tonight, come to Louie’s Corner Cafe @7 and see Liv perform!

The 48

Ever hear about it?  I particpated in it this past weekend and it was some of the most fun I have had working on a project in years! Aside from the extreme exhaustion that settled in and stayed with the cast & crew from noon Saturday until we wrapped early Sunday morning, it was a complete learning experience.

Our team’s theme was “doppelganger” and our necessary line of dialogue…”It works for me.” I unexpectedly ended up on the writing team and was able to work with the assitant director on the second draft of the script. We started working at 1am between Friday and Saturday and finsihed it at 4:30, printed the script and began shooting! The entire effort was the most intense, focused, and productive collaborative writing I have ever been involved with. Furthermore, it was the first time I was on a film set. I was in awe at how each person’s job on set compliments one another’s and how the entire production relies on every person doing their specific task. This is so completely different from the solitude of writing–alone with your computer and your thoughts.

But most of all, I fell in love with the 48 hour deadline. Sleep depravation, hunger, fatugue, it all fell away, we overlooked our exhaustion, caught an hour of sleep here and there because there was a movie to be completed and a project to see through.

Anyone have ideas for another type of “48 hour project?” 48 hour play? 48 hour magazine? Let’s start a dialogue about it, who wants to collaborate? yeahyeahyeah! Or I am sure there are others out there in cyberspace who particpated in this as well. Let’s hear about your experience.

If you want more infomation about “The 48” visit http://www.48hourfilm.com/


Don’t miss out!

I now deem this blog fully revamped and revitalized! Aside from recent postings, all the pages (fiction, non-fiction, notes, projects, letters) have new content as well as better accessibility to each part of the site. I am so excited to communicate with you and share all the thoughts, words, stories, characters, and projects that I am submerging my time in.

HOW THIS WILL WORK: I promise to try my very best to give you new writing, photography, art, music, ideas, discoveries, and experiences everyday! That’s right, it is my aim to post something every day of the week. So get ready…

Let’s start with a photography project I’ve been experimenting with.

Disposable cameras. Double exposures. Walgreens developing.

sister, brother, friend
feet, fingers, garbage can, sand

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