On Friday, July 2 Home is a Lonely Hunter will launch its biggest project to date. You are all invited to participate.

Language creates our reality. What story do you want to tell?

The Salon Presents Daily News is a month-long initiative setup to inspire conversation and connect the global community of artists, thinkers and doers. For the month of July, The Salon invites you to share your narrative. We want you to generate and create your own news. Share things that are of significance to you and created on a daily basis. It can be a headline, a poem, a photograph, a 30-day challenge, a song, a selfie that speaks volumes, a moment, a movement, a song. We want you to create your own narrative.

How it works : Pick a theme for your personal newsfeed for the month of July and start sharing your creations / inspirations every day. Share your daily news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WeChat [download the Wechat app and add AriLombardi to be connected to The Salon

 Tag your posts with the following : #thesalondailynews #createeveryday #homeisalonelyhunter @homeisalonelyhunter


Your news will then become part of a conversation that engages a global community of artists and thinkers. 



The Salon is a mobile art collective. Wherever Home is a Lonely Hunter [http://homeisalonelyhunter.com] goes, The Salon will happen. The Salon (currently happening in Guangzhou, China) is simple : Set a time and place, and invite people to show up and share their art and ideas based around or inspired by a chosen theme. The event that ensues is a sharing of written works, spoken word poetry, photography, video and painting exhibitions, installations and site-specific performances. The Salon happens monthly in public and private venues in the form of pop-up shows, performances and art jams.


For updates about The Salon you can subscribe to Home Is a Lonely Hunter (click that little box in the upper right corner). If you are an artist, art collective or human being who wants to collaborate or host a salon, please contact Home is a Lonely Hunter. We strive for global partnership and artistic connectivity.

We look forward to seeing your news! 

Here, There, Everywhere

Throughout the course of this sojourn that I’ve experienced over the last two months, it has been hard to find jewels to write about. Between Christmas, New Years, the Turkish Consulate, road tripping to Jacksonville (and back to NJ!), snow storms, and a weekend trip to Santa Fe, I think some photos from here and there will suffice as a recap. Maybe some writing later on. Enjoy.

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enjoy being told what to do, it opens a world of possibilities

take a note from GOOD magazine.


How to Participate:

1. Photograph something of yours that represents fall. If you can, use a white or mostly white background.

2. Write a description of the item and why it represents fall to you. It should be no more than 25 words long.

3. Send the picture and description to projects[at]goodinc[dot]com by Friday, November 19, at 12 p.m. PST. You have two nights.

(click the link attached to GOOD above for info from the homepage. do it)

Where’s Waldo


A YOUNG WOMAN, stumbles into a clearing of trees in a recessed part of a park. The sun shines through the trees onto a patch of grass where three benches face one another. A garbage can sits in the middle as THREE MEN, haggard, sweating,  and covered in soot stand around the can and watch thick black smoke furl from the can. It is noon. The smell of burning flesh clings to the air. The men look up at her, alarmed. They begin to move toward her. She, frightened by the smell and threatened by their presence, holds her hands out as if to brace their approach and smiles innocently.


Hi guys, sorry. I’m looking for my friend. I met him yesterday at the flea market.

(The men take another step toward her)

My tent was next to the kettle corn cart. I love the smell of that stuff, the sweet butter and oil, the heat of the kettle, the sound of the kernels popping, like small explosions. I was selling my scarves. He was tall, taller than anyone I had ever seen, and wore a shirt with huge red and white stripes. He had a hat to match and thick black-rimmed glasses that dissected his long face into a thin skinny triangle with a rectangle on top. His smile, maybe it was more of a grin, lived on his face, never left his mouth. His cheeks kind of formed themselves around it.

He was from all over; he said he’d been traveling for years and stumbled upon the flea market while waiting for another train. He said he couldn’t stay in one place for longer than a week. He kept looking around at everything outside of the tent–the families, parents scolding their children, vendors heckling customers. He wanted to know if I had any extra yarn I didn’t want; he wanted to make his own hat and gloves for colder climates. There was something intriguing about him, peculiar, like the muted hurry in his voice, almost panic. He stepped out of the tent and within two seconds he was gone. I couldn’t find those red and white stripes anywhere.

He told me to meet him here today. But by the looks of his this place, I might have gotten my directions wrong. I’ll just go. I’m sorry to interrupt you. Oh wait, I think that’s his shirt over there, and his glasses (a beat). What’s going on here? He said he had people looking for him. I thought he meant that he lost his friends and needed to find them before he left the market. Does he owe you money or something? Who are you guys? Do you have him? Waldo? Where are you?


Initial Me This

Some hand drawn letter forms for all of you out there. This was my first assignment in Typography I this semester. DECORATIVE CAPS. Fingerprints, skin, tree bark, and growth were my inspiration.

I also spent a lot of time with the book, Hand Job, by Michael Perry, as I was trying to conceive my idea for these letter forms. This book is excellent. It opened my eyes to worlds of possibilities in design, letter forms, and aesthetic effect. Really great inspiration and a huge variety of styles and approaches to drawing our alphabet. It is a MUST HAVE book for all typographers or designers. Enjoy!


A. Lombardi 2010



Day Tripper

I escaped Santa Fe for the weekend, left my laptop at home, turned my cell phone off–hid it from myself–and experienced some of the most serene parts of this country. I tip my hat to the southwest corner of Colorado, from Durango to Ouray, you took my breath away! You cleared my head. You let me sink into a fresh perspective and gave me the distance I needed from everything. Thank you.


On the way up, the drive took two more hours than expected, a total of six hours, but the scenery was astonishing, a mental high from the energy in Taos, a friend’s first sight of the Gorge, a sunset on fire–yellow leaves casting pink and purple across the mountain side and into the sky–the feeling of being the only car on the road for miles ahead and behind, solitude, the company of broken down barns and abandoned houses, and when the sun fell into the ground, the high beams and the curve of the road taking us into our own oblivion of time and space. Fort Lewis College, homecoming, old friends, new friends, & slack-lining.

Saturday we headed up to Ouray for a day of climbing. Moseyed to the bottom of Box Falls Canyon and down the main street of Ouray, picked up some tacos, and after rock climbing, a “scrap cookie” and cup of coffee. It is a snow globe of a town. No harm could touch us there. My first time rock climbing. Can anyone say, addiction? They say it’s all about balance and I’d venture to say that you have to swallow your ego, trust your limbs and gather all your fearlessness to scale a rock wall in a harness and a rope.

Headed home Sunday. The prospect of a new week. A clear head. Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy, farms, layered rock faces, autumn and nostalgia