Ey! Ey! I started looking up, friends, and I remembered there’s a world outside of my ‘self’ and the weather’s nice and the season is changing. HOME IS SEEKING THAT FORM, friends! Big ups to all my people around the globe inspiring me to be my best self and make art and love bigger and better. I praise you and I miss you and I see what you’re doing and I deeply appreciate it.
I’mma tag you all. Give yourself a hug today and make something cool. Photo cred goes to the sky for setting beautifully behind that building.
@liv_lombarditunes @jay_lombardi
@misterrowley @cottagescholar @tanuki___ @free90free @candii.sandiego @alyssa_fran11 @fanellidaniel @loiter7eleven @happybird722 @acvaca @agirlnamedstormy @here.now.relax @jouvdarling @sihaywood @uplus2665 @bxalvarez @jodogo @cascas87 https://ift.tt/2q4UdN0

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