notes from a morning walk in the park – the park is the place to be in the morning. It is a place for me. The lawns are cross hatched with palm trees, a green green lawn lays at their feet with walking paths winding through likes swans necks matching the ripples they leave in their wake. Men and women sit, they talk, they walk, the dance, the move. They shake their limbs. There is a group of 20 or so seniors who are moving like a tide pool in slow motion. They are beautiful. They move themselves while standing in the same spot, and although their hands are empty, I can see that it’s a harnessing of, not a battle, not a picking up and putting down. It’s a working with.
#morning #views #taipei #taiwan #daanpark #vibes #joy #love #abundance #notes #writer #sketch #doodle #orbs #energy #gratitude

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