This body of work is a reflection of the hands which created it. Examination of and participation in this body and the words that built it requires a willingness to recognize form, to make it ever-present, to hold it with vigilance and grace, and to question it. Words have many forms and thus are containers—vessels—like our bodies are to experience, memory and feeling. In regard to language, there is what is written, what is spoken, what is seen, what is heard, and what is felt. The telling of a story is not the actual experience which the person telling it had. No thing can be more than one thing at the same time. Rock is rock, flesh is flesh, place is place. Things can only flex, multiply, accrue, change, and have duality, in meaning. —
November 4 in Santa Fe at @strangerscollective NO LAND Art Space. — #homeis #creating #art #show #solo #exhibition #residency #santafe #writersofinstagram #writing #collection #foundobjects #notes #drawing #onwardandupward #lovelife #goals #winning

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