Oooo ahhh, my last salon in Guangzhou for a good while. What wonder this ride has been. @misterrowley and I started hosting salon here in China at a small bar in 2015. Since then, th saonnfollowing has grown to over 400 people. we’ve taken it to #Brooklyn #santafe and #newjersey , we’ve hosted workshops, setup an at-home studio, made great friends, performed at art festivals, and now I’m off to Taiwan. The Salon won’t stop, and it will continue in Guangzhou. How two years have flown by! I am so grateful for the community that’s formed around this passion of mine. If you’re in gz Wednesday, come by and get all of that good vibe. Big ups to @rozztox_qc for giving us a space to commune time and time again.
#thesalon #community #family #love #art #happening #gratitude #china #expats #makechange #creatives

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