People! People of the world! Follow the threads that the universe, God or whatever divinity you call higher power lays out for you. There is always a thread to follow, and the universe is constantly giving us clues and ways to stay on our path. THIS is living a life you love. THIS is following your dreams. THIS is seeking your truth. Pick up what life puts down. Work with it and manifest exactly what you seek.
I hunt language. I question and work with words. And so, a new language is what I have discovered to be the next step in my growth as an artist, writer, human and culture shaper.
I am moving to Taipei in November 🇨🇱! I have been awarded a scholarship by Taiwan Ministry of Education to study Mandarin language and Taiwanese culture. And, I’ve chosen to spend my study at National Taiwan University. This has been a goal since graduating from undergrad and is the first step into a new chapter of study and the road to earning another degree. Set some goals for yourself, take small steps toward them and don’t give up. After a while, all the little things amount to something bigger. Get out there and live a fearless life. You’ve only got one! #taiwan #mandarin #study #school #taipei #expat #language #artist #goals #livelifebig #happiness #gratitude #honoryourself #liveyoudreams #findyourtruth #successfulwomen #accepted #seektruth #passion #love #travel #expat

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