I asked my class of 9th graders to play a game called, Two Truths and One Lie…easy enough. It was our first class together, and I felt it best to get to know them, get a vibe for the classes and all the students. There are about 40 students in each class, 7 classes to teach in one day. Not only was I surprised by how well these guys speak, but at the tenacity, humor and brilliance they put into this simple game. One student, a girl named Chloe, wrote these three lines. She made it into a riddle! Whaaaaaat?! This riddle got me so excited, so damn thrilled, that my brain jumped into and out of the words themselves, that I insisted I take a picture of it. The class laughed at my exuberance, and I stood there happy as a clam. #teaching #learning #living #loving #growing #language #eslteacher #highschool #guangzhou #china #expat #homeis #riddle http://ift.tt/2pl7mjs

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