There is always something you can count on in China’s tier one cities: air pollution. The factories pump it out like a marathon runner’s feet on pavement. One might wonder, “what’s it like, all that pollution?” It’s almost like it doesn’t exist. It’s so pervasive that you might go through the entire day without realizing that the so perceived mist that adorns the sky where it meets the city’s scape is in fact the cause of your headache, a fog that sits over your eyes and seems to move slowly into the center of your head like smoke fueling itself from incense. The buzz of breath in the bridge of your nose kicks back with a little sting. Your general lethargy is its monster, as is your inability to keep a straight thought in your head. It zigzags. But, it won’t kill you, does not set fire to the sky, even though sunsets on bad days tell another story. And so, on bad days, when you are a tourist in Beijing, when the sky’s lid is still blue and you find yourself in the temple of heaven, your body knows that this green is saving you. That it is giving life back to breath. #Beijing #China #travel #parks #leaves #trees #writing #homeis

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