I am thrilled to announce this show and my work to be presented. Strangers Collective is a Santa Fe-based collective of young and emerging artists. This show marks the release of our first book collection, Strangers Volume 1. If you are in or around Santa Fe at the end of the month, check out the show and support our work! Read below for more detail about us and the show’s specifics


An echo is a fragment of the past, but also a new moment in the present. This fall, Strangers Collective, a Santa Fe-based art collective, orchestrates a chorus of contemporary reflections at the CCA Cinematheque Lobby Gallery. The local arts group is excited to announce Long Echo, an exhibition of emerging artists and writers that is designed to send ripples through Santa Fe’s creative landscape. The show opens Friday, October 28 from 6-8 pm, and features a series of gatherings that will challenge visitors to rethink the role of emerging visual art, writing, music and dance in the broader community.

In addition to the opening reception in late October, Strangers Collective will host a series of to-be-announced events during the 11-week run of the show. These will include a series of performance installations, a panel discussion and a round table gathering. “The events challenge audiences to participate, and to experience the art in visceral ways,” says CCA visual arts curator Angie Rizzo. “Strangers Collective is asking the community to join them in reimagining what an art show can accomplish.” Long Echo aims to foster new links in the creative community that reverberate long after the exhibition’s closing date.

Participating artists include Ona Yopack, Sarah Palmeri, Dion Valdez, Drew MC, Alex Gill, Kyle Farrell, Marcus Zuniga, Florence Cunningham, David O’Brien, Tara Khozein Austin Eichelberger, Ben Putnam and Stephanie Thompson. Participating writers include Bucket Siler, Acacia Ryan Barnett, Sarah Weisberg, Jordan Eddy, Daniel Bonhorst, Elliot Jackson, Juro Gagne, Kendyll Gross, Ariana Lombardi, Kelly Skeen, Max Walukas and Emmaly Wiederholt.

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