The young calligrapher was asleep when I approached the table. His head cradled in the heel of his palm. He opened his eyes. A flash. He was motionless, baffled, discombobulated. “Tired, huh?” I said. So sorry, so sorry, he said. “For what? Sleeping in a temple. I’d be dreaming too.” He smiled and pulled his hands into his lap. “Help with temple renovations?” he asked and pointed to the prices – 35, 60, 120 ringgit. Of course I couldn’t afford it. (I had been close to arrested or ticketed or whatever the night before for riding a scooter without my helmet. 175 ringgit into the police office’s pocket and the budget for my accommodations for the rest of the week! ) So I asked the young calligrapher if I could take his picture. He got very shy, no no he said while smiling. He had high cheek bones and flat lips. And so I asked if I could take a picture of his work table. He bowed his head and opened his palm. #kekloksitemple #Penang #langkawi #calligraphy #art #writing #words #artist #people #travel #explore #traveltheworld #solotravel #malaysia

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