It had just started to rain and I was meandering between the street and sidewalk, taking in all the little bits of #georgetown as the scooters and street became water slicked. His shop door, a garage door, was open and the shop’s contents at his feet. He said hello. He asked where I was from. He is Chinese Malay and knew of #Guangzhou. He asked how long I thought this shop had been there. My guess of 50 years was close. He was cleaning the inside of the value with a razor blade and did so without really ever liking at it, seeing everything with his hands, his fingers his eyes. I asked what has changed from that vantage point, from his work bench. He said the street is unchanged, except for the price of housing and rent. Same people, same movement, same sounds, same smells. Not much changes he said, except for the days passing and the age of my hands. #travel #Malaysia #Penang #solotravel #strangers #work #life #meeting #repeating #explore #asia

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