I had been riding the road that wraps around and through Langkawi for hours, stopping at beaches, hot springs and spots to take in the views. But, I wondered who was living in the villages that line the road’s periphery. I saw “Kishap” on the map and decided to see what was there. I turned off the main road. There was a long stretch of mangroves fields, a farm, hallways of height, ceiling of green, walls of charcoal gray trunks and the space between, as far as the eye could see. They stood in flanks as far as the eye could see, a barrier between the main road and this village, tucked away at the base of the mountain. The dirt turned red and the road narrowed. There was a field where water buffalo ate grass and then people, a Hindu temple, and all eyes on me – a white woman on a white scooter bobbing my head to Biggie. I saw the arms of men on a porch motioning me toward them and also pointing me back in the other direction. I rode toward them. They thought I was lost. They were having coffee and making barbecue. Their eyes were round orbs set back into chicory skin. They wore plastic sandals and cotton, collared shirts. “You have to go back that way. The main road is that way.” “Oh, I’m not lost,” I said. “Just riding around. Is it okay?” “Yes, of course,” the tall man said. He was grinning, the pink gums casting a halo around his teeth. He directed me with a pointed finger, go his way and that, his hand said. I waved them goodbye and zipped down the narrow street dressed with small houses, some more ornate than others. The smell of sage and curry perfuming the air. The children were playing soccer and a group of teenage boys taking turns with a jackhammer. I found this blue at the end of the road and it spoke to me, louder than the blue of the sky. This is the blue of the heart. #malaysia #langkawi #travel #travelphotography #traveltheworld #solotravel #goodlife #sliceoflife #temples #getlost #theroadlesstraveled #scooter #love #joy #discovery http://ift.tt/2c9tqdQ

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