I rode my scooter along the coast, listening to @annabellechairlegs taking in the jungle, the broad and triangles fan palm leaves and mangroves rising above me on my right and the white-blue ocean on my left. I wound up the mountain and then stopped at a roadside restaurant to eat fried rice and egg. I drank coconut water straight from the nut and the proprietor offered me a bowl of lychees and smiled as he watches me cack the touch skin and suck out translucent, tart insides. After lunch I climbed the mountain as monkeys darted past me, eating the lychee fruit from the trees surrounding. When I found the waterfall I jumped right in, climbed up the rocks, slipped, fell and slid down back into the pool. I have an awesome bruise on my arm as proof and am happy to have had that rush of adrenaline. It’s great to be reminded of how alive you are. Great swim spot, the water was cold as ice. #langkawi #solotraveler #vacation #traveltheworld #goodlife #malaysia #swimming #waterfall http://ift.tt/2cWqzFc

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