June 3, 2016. A note from the my notebook taken while listening to my students practiceD talking about their hopes and dreams. Collectivism is an odd beast to interact with, even more so when you are teaching English to Chinese adults. We can sometimes overlook, forget, or take (talk) for granted the role that identity plays in language and therefore in expression and as a result of all of this, its acquisition. We place frustration in he place of self-reflection. English has cultural properties wrapped in individualism. What surprised me most when I went back to this note was that there seems to be a beast, an image, that united itself in the lines of my doodle without me even realize it. What’s that about? #365daysofchina #collectivism #teach #english #language #power #narrative #doodle #notes #self-expression #learn #grow #guangzhou http://ift.tt/2c2IdEu

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