Being alone, on my own, in China, in solitude, on the other side of the world has been a trip so far. Trip as in a journey. Trip as in fumbling. Trip as in klutz. Trip as in dance. Trip as high. Trip as in self – .  Trip as in __

being THIS – Ariana who calls herself  writer teacher artist  woman twin sister friend human spirit Ariadne – well that is enough for a lifetime of wonder.

I am turned on. I turned it on. My light is getting brighter andGrace has taught me how to judge when you are too close to the sun.

I have come to understand that bliss comes in very small packages, and that fierceness is a mindset. It is the child of compassion. Nuance brings me extreme gratitude. For example, today I was given a grammar lesson by one of my colleagues whose first language is Mandarin and whose second language is Cantonese. Yes, please, thank you – teach me about language! Do I need to explain the texture of that breakdown? She explained how “it” can be what is referred to as a dummy pronoun. We need it to express a thought or communicate an image, but it truly has no meaning, it is a point of reference. Its anchor can usually be found at the other end of the sentence. It carries weight but is, well, a dummy. I mean, c’mon! How cool is that?

That got me thinking, what anchors my sentences? What truth of myself that I have learned wherein the meaning can compound – one that changes like light refracting or reflecting or sound echoing.

My exploration of language and the narrative I intend to share with you all over the next month goes a little something like this.


I is everything.



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