On Friday, July 2 Home is a Lonely Hunter will launch its biggest project to date. You are all invited to participate.

Language creates our reality. What story do you want to tell?

The Salon Presents Daily News is a month-long initiative setup to inspire conversation and connect the global community of artists, thinkers and doers. For the month of July, The Salon invites you to share your narrative. We want you to generate and create your own news. Share things that are of significance to you and created on a daily basis. It can be a headline, a poem, a photograph, a 30-day challenge, a song, a selfie that speaks volumes, a moment, a movement, a song. We want you to create your own narrative.

How it works : Pick a theme for your personal newsfeed for the month of July and start sharing your creations / inspirations every day. Share your daily news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WeChat [download the Wechat app and add AriLombardi to be connected to The Salon] 

 Tag your posts with the following : #thesalondailynews #createeveryday #homeisalonelyhunter @homeisalonelyhunter. 


Your news will then become part of a conversation that engages a global community of artists and thinkers. 



The Salon is a mobile art collective. Wherever Home is a Lonely Hunter [] goes, The Salon will happen. The Salon (currently happening in Guangzhou, China) is simple : Set a time and place, and invite people to show up and share their art and ideas based around or inspired by a chosen theme. The event that ensues is a sharing of written works, spoken word poetry, photography, video and painting exhibitions, installations and site-specific performances. The Salon happens monthly in public and private venues in the form of pop-up shows, performances and art jams.


For updates about The Salon you can subscribe to Home Is a Lonely Hunter (click that little box in the upper right corner). If you are an artist, art collective or human being who wants to collaborate or host a salon, please contact Home is a Lonely Hunter. We strive for global partnership and artistic connectivity.

We look forward to seeing your news! 

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