Jake Goodman 2015
Jake Goodman 2015

KNACK Magazine is a creative endeavor started by my friend, photographer Andrea Vaca, two years ago. Many times when friends say, “Hey, let’s start a magazine!” there’s a lot of enthusiasm for the first handful of issues and then it all fizzles out. Either submissions stop or the staff looses interest and stamina. Because, let’s face it: making a magazine is hard work. You’d have to be crazy to commit to a monthly publication. But, KNACK has withstood all of that. Two years later, we are still cranking out this beautiful magazine once a month. Our mission is simple:

KNACK, is dedicated to showcasing the work of new artists of all mediums, and to discuss trends and ideas of art communities. KNACK‘s ultimate aim is to connect and inspire emerging artists. We strive to create a place for artists, writers, designers, thinkers, and innovators to collaborate and produce a unique, informative, and unprecedented web-based magazine each month.

Click to read KNACK ISSUE 25 Staff Edition

Like what you see? Submit to KNACK. We want to see and share what you are making. 


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