The night was colder than I thought it should have been and I caught in between wanting to be somewhere and wanting to be where I was more than I was allowing myself. A stranger in a room of friends. An add-on to the addition of coupling. There were mojitos. There was a bottle of red wine. There was a drinking game, vending machine and friends laid across the carpet. No chairs and no talking. I wouldn’t go back there. And if I did I’d be a stranger or strange to life of a dorm room floor on a Friday night. The gradual disintegration of student label was floating away from me, right to the bottom of my wine glass. Miles had a beautiful record player and luckily, Mat had been amassing his collection. I suggested Fleetwood Mac, because I don’t know why and Never Going Back Again did all our talking. I found that song again, yesterday and haven’t stopped listening.

Rumours will definitely be my new go to tunes for the coming weeks. This album has texture and is making me feel something new, something bigger than myself. What’s your summer song? Are you listening to it now? If you comment with the artist and track I’ll make playlist of all you’re responses. Or better yet, tell me what your “Never Going Back Again” song is.

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