GOOD magazine is awesome. It has killer design, fantastic info-graphics, great headlines and some of the tightest writing and most interesting articles of any magazine and blog that I have come across. They are blogging and publishing articles and ideas that CNN or FoxNews don’t broadcast and therefore, it makes you think! Forget spoon feeding information, GOOD simply provides a fun and enjoyable way to chew it. What I like most about GOOD is how their articles and projects amass the support of a community. The have dedicated June to a project called 30 days of GOOD; Make Your Own Meals and it’s all about taking your power over what you eat—cooking meals at home, trying new spices, having a barbecue. They truly know and support the idea that the little things in life count and the are good for you.

So, today’s post is dedicated to what is good, and that’s GOOD magazine. You should check it out, click around and check back to Home is a Lonely Hunter tomorrow for a  GOOD project announcement. Don’t miss it!

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