Let’s make a goddamn plan. We’ll call it:

lately it’s been about OR micro universes of oration. Let’s make a plan to take care of this constant give-take, take-give to space, to aloneness, into the wow, the I am not thinking in this moment without my give-take, answer me device.

Why be obligated to other people, to a take-give that prevents you from being obligated to yourself, to not yourself, not to lately its been about

the universe in me.

Lately its been about this brain–ariana’s brain in ariana’s body in ariana’s life in ariana’s reality in  ariana’s universe. Lately it’s been about the specifics, the simplicity, the brain inside the  meat sack, the heart–my heart.

It’s been about the who am I, who are you, the consciousness of SELF consciousness, how do I know what I know, how will I ever know who I am, where does anyone begin, what do I want? The oh yeah sing it to me, none of the above listed things matter because you are. you are arianasbrainbodymindliferealityuniverse.

You are a universe.

It’s been about carrying, creating, that heart-head alignment, mindbody, it’s MY BODY. Lately it’s been about the dissolvement of me, of what does heshewe know, if in fact, I don’t. I really don’t. I know. I feel. I love. I am love. It’s been about dancing with the moment, this is a moment.

Can silence be measured like miles on a map to equate the length of a moment? If miles equaled the duration of time (absence of sound) and the weight of that silence akin to elevation, such as the incline of a mountain, how big would yours be, right now?

Show me with your hands, with noise. Measure it with feeling.

that is the lately it’s been about

How do you spend a moment? Lately is been about, antonyms, the balance of silence it’s been about the breaking up of other you to find me, to be alone, to be.

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