The act of living–existence—is escalating beyond satisfactory. What is a word that surpasses it? Yesterday, I thought of (home) or (the ideas of) as agency. My agency. How would that translate into activity, the movement of my day(s)? Every second amalgamates, into the past. How not to live in hindsight. Then this morning—-free will (astrology).

free will: noun; the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion

PIECES If you expand your concept of what you’re capable of, you will receive a specific offer to move up a notch. If you perform your duties with intensified care and grace, you will be given new responsibilities that catalyze your sleeping potential. The universe doesn’t always act with so much karmic precision, with such sleek, efficient fairness, but that’s how it’s working in your vicinity right now. Here’s one more example of how reasonable the fates are behaving: If you resolve to compete against no one but yourself, you will be shown new secrets about how to express your idiosyncratic genius.

Check your horoscope, click here for Free Will Astrology.

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