home: noun; a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates

Think about this: what is the story of your origins? Would you be able to tell the myth for your own existence? Isn’t that something we should all know as well as we know our name?

These questions have caused me to plunge head first into my own ideas of home and come up with some pretty exciting and inspiring realizations and ideas to dig into.

So consider this my pledge:

The rededication of Home is a Lonely Hunter—to ideas of home and projects that aim to inspire the masses. The bare bones of this operation—look at language, communication, and creation as the main point of entry. What does that mean? Trying to define the ways that home manifests itself physically and figuratively within our minds and lives. And, chronicling projects that are bring art and connection back to the home, ACTIVE INTERACTION.

You can count on checking into Home is a Lonely Hunter several times a week for new things to excite and inspire.

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