Summer’s sinking in. Time to hit the beach and enjoy the sun. Here’s a novel that would make a spectacular companion this season. Clock Without Hands, by Carson McCullers.

For the first time he knew that death was near him. But the terror that chocked him was not caused by the knowledge of his own death…The terror questioned what would happen in those months—how long?—that glared upon his numbered days. He was a man watching a clock without hands.

McCullers is my favorite author. Her first novel, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter was the book that made want to write and its title was the inspiration for this blog! Clock Without Hands is about four men in a small town in Georgia, set around the time of court ordered integration. But the historical context of its setting is merely the catalyst for a humorous, ironic, and powerful story about how these men deal with issues of identity and death. Getting back to McCullers’s words makes me want to write the night away. If you’re looking for a good beach read, pick up Clock Without Hands. It won’t let you down. Definitely a book anyone can dig!

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