My friends and I have a saying, GO BIG or GO HOME.  If I am correct, the saying originated around 2006. It has become a catch phrase among my circle of friends and a way of moving through the world. It pumps us up, gets us going. Credit given to the New Jersey mindset, the innate view that movement is action and purpose. But, the saying carries a lot of weight. So let me attempt a translation…

Go big—[verb]

1.) do something in an extreme way; to act in a way which would fulfill the most adventurous or supreme expectation or resolution of a situation. 2.) to do the unthinkable thing 3.) go balls to the wall

Go home— [verb]

1.) to go to your house; 2.) to leave the place you are and go to bed.

Go big or go home— [verb, idea, state of mind]

to act in the way that is most fulfilling as to prevent regret the morning after or down the road. If you are unwilling to do so and unable to try,go home.

Abbreviated usage: Do it big; Doing big things; Lets. Go. (a vigorous chest pump usually accompanies this usage. One pump for each word.)

Now that we all have a better understanding of the term, maybe I can start a worldwide GO BIG or GO HOME MOVEMENT.

And I will leave you with this song as a good feeling to get you started. I wonder, can someone not dance to this one? One of the lyrics, “Give me everything tonight, we might not get tomorrow,” has become a mantra for me. Kind of like, GO BIG OR GO HOME

If you want something or someone, go get it. Do life in big ways. The world is a big place and big action is a very proper way to navigate through it, I believe.

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