It’s been close to a month. Shame on me. Istanbul is eating me up. Life has gotten the best of me. Trying to keep up. But, please do me a favor go outside and shout. Scream on the top of your lungs and expel whatever is inside you head.

Also, go check out Liv Lombardi on <—CLICK IT!

She’s trying to fundraise her very first and very own EAST COAST TOUR. This summer! This one’s going down in the history books. Maybe this is  teaser, but I have heard some of the music she’s been writing in Cyprus, and it is THE BEST YET. It will be world premiering in the states, but only if she can get the funds to tour. So make a donation and save the world people!

fresh tunes + summertime + your support = LIV IN THE WORLD on tour!

R. Cubillo 2010

One thought on “Live Your Life (Support Liv Lombardi)

  1. i have too counted the sheep before we jumped to your fence side, and i only wanted to know how you felt about the whole situation. I was tired of walking and you have to crack a few someimtes

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