It is a the MOST inspiring thing to see your own peers moving outside of the classroom into the real world, producing BIG TIME things. So I will keep this short.

(c) T. Edeker 2011

AJ Brown and JD Gonzales. Filmmakers in their last year at Santa Fe University of Art and Design are making a movie and they NEED your help.

The film is called, One Way Home. Written by A.J. Brown, a fantastic writer who knows what allows a script to become reality. His work is personal and relatable and some of the best student screen-writing I have seen to date. The production team and completely composed of current students and alumni from Santa Fe. And it is not another rinky student film. This is the real deal! BUT they need your help to make it happen.

They are raising money to fund the production on IndieGoGo. Head over to the site! Pledge a buck, pledge two, hell pledge 50! In retrospect, I am sure you be able to say, I helped make that great independent classic possible.

AND, if you still are not sold head to the production blog.

BUT don’t forget to be a friend  on facebook

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