I work aurally. All of my observations are based on sound which I immediately translate to feeling. Then begins the process of finding words to recreate them. Here I am, in Turkey, surrounded by a language that is foreign to me. Though, I am beginning to understand it and sometimes speak. Eavesdroppıng on conversations does not cut it for me here. I need visual absorptıon and it needs to be streamıng from my eyes at full force.

 And that got me thinkıng about all my frıends and peers that I create wıth. They all work in dıfferent medıums. What is their process? What inspires them and more ımportantly, how to they use it all. I thought that I could write where ever, whenever. But I think that any person who creates needs to pull inspiration from themselves. Everythıng around us is just happenstance. The inspiration comes from our heads. Our surroundıngs are merely the things that catlyze them.

So, in an effort to create regularly again, I declare these things on Home Is A Lonely Hunter!


Observatıons from Istanbul. Pictures painted with words. You can give them meaning


Design work! Yes, I have been doing that and it feels great.

New musıc


And of course, Letters to Strangers. There are about fıve to six ın the queue, waiting for eyes to read.


Why am I tellıng you all thıs, well because if it is here I cant run away from it. And you have somethıng to look forward to!



2 thoughts on “Where Is My Mind? The Process

  1. Ari! You need to read this book from my film class. Its all about finding your creative process. Its called Creative Filmmaking from the Inside Out. I think they should change the name because I think it applies to all art forms. You would love it.

    1. noted and noted! thank you stormy I will definitely try to find it here. I sent you an email, make sure to read it and thanks for reading the posts. love!

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