Trying to paint pictures with words. Here goes.

I want the sun. I want spring. I want warmth. Today it is snowing. The wind is whipping it in gusts like a sand storm, but everything is chilled. The clouds are not clouds, just a white mass. A white sky. A whiteout with no foreseeable end. Looking out the window feels like gazing into a snow globe. The campus dog, let’s call him Doggie, or Guy, the stray, is guarding the sidewalk a 100 feet away. He is an instigator. As people walk down the pathway between the building in which I am sitting and the cafe, he runs up to them and nips their legs. He wants to play. Some he follows, others he latches onto and tugs on their coats. Where is your home, Doggie? Why don’t you go inside today? This snow powerful—white wind swirling everywhere. I wonder if it is actually falling from the sky or merely being carried this way and that.

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