Let this load. Play after reading.


The greatest challenge thus far is finding the right words. Again, it comes back to words. Maybe it’s because for the first time, I am surrounded by so many other languages than the one that is native to my tongue. Or maybe, words are morphing in my brain—their flow is changing. The record is no longer on repeat. There are new sounds filling my brain, new rhythms to dance to, syncopation and dissonance to revel in. Time told me to continue getting lost and that is the exact thing I have done and continue to do. Yesterday I tread the streets fearlessly. I danced the night away. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face.

So, while I grab hold of my words and place them in the best order for your reading pleasure and mind expansion, I believe the song above is the best way to give you a better perspective of all this sublimity, of the energy that Istanbul is allowing me, and the way these words feel as they bounce around in my head.

Get lost in this song. Put headphones on. Turn the volume up. Close your eyes. You are on a crowded street with bars, taxis,chestnut vendors, gigantic graffiti thumbs pointing in every direction with the phrase, I AM HERE on empty walls with cracks  along the street, the smell of döner and cologne is swirling through the air, music pumping from every store front and men harassing every woman to come into their place to smoke nargile. Cay! Cay! They say. The prospect of everything and anything impending upon your night.

Now go back up top and listen to everything.

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