I’ve swum in my head, through my thoughts, and felt as though I were losing track of time and myself. I tried reaching out to people at home and they offered some great advice. They advised me to go within myself and at the same time, reach out to the environment that is so new to me. So, here is a list of the pearls that I am using to get through the days.

Be present to your thoughts. Your genius will meet you there.

You are your own map.

Don’t forget the power of being an individual. Of being a human. Or having a thought and expressing it. Action is key.

People tend to have a limited idea of ourselves, but we are capable of so much. Don’t be terrified of your potential.

Time is only a number, a figure, a suggestion. Just live each day. Getting caught up in your head is getting caught up in time.

Live the questions.

Believe in connectivity. We are all connected.


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