I know you all want pictures. I do too! But the last two days? (I am losing track of time as well) have been very hectic and there are issues with my personal computer. So, pictures may take a while. However, look forward to seeing some awesome shots within the next two weeks.

There are so many beautiful sights to see here. Heck, even the people are beautiful. I took a taxi today with my roommate to do some shopping at Ikea (got to love placelessness). It was the largest store I have ever set foot in, clad with metal detectors at the entrance, apparently there was a bombing there a few years back) No need to worry, Mom! But while I watched people pass by on the street from the backseat of the taxi, I was enamored by the beauty of the Turkish people. Men dressed so finely—sweaters, slacks, pea coats, hair brushed or misplaced perfectly. As if bed head, in some instances, was the exact thing they were going for. And the women—timeless, ageless. Their faces. My roommate was talking to me about past relationships and said she views this city, Istanbul, as one of the most romantic places. And she is right. How could it not be with such good-looking men and women all around you!

One thing I did take notice of while walking through Ikea was that people here do not say, “excuse me” or “pardon me” when they need to get by you. They simply walk wherever and the only way you know to move is by a nudge at your side and the back of the passerby squeezing by you. I also believe that this plays into the population density. There are so many people everywhere, all the time. My American self grew a bit indignant at first. I was ready to throw down some words—at least a dirty look. Hey, I guess it is in my nature. But, I realized it is just their way.

2 thoughts on “No Photos, But a Scene?

  1. I finally turned onto your blog and enjoyed hearing more about Istanbul. It really sounds like a fantastic country. Can’t wait to see some pictures.
    Love Grandma

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