The day has arrived!  Pre-travel jitters are in full swing and I am bracing myself for the fall to Earth that I am about to experience. But, what can I expect? How can I prepare myself for what is about to happen? For the last five months I have been harnessed in a catapult. Each day the strings were pulled, the tension building and in January everything turned to slow motion. The instant before the catapult is released, when your stomach jumps up, your hands are clammy, your mind perceives what is about to happen but you eyes and heart cannot fathom the feeling until BAM!

That moment of release is today. I am ready to launch, ready to crash-land in a completely new world. Holy moly, it’s real. Istanbul. The adventure begins tonight! Stay tuned into Home is a Lonely Hunter for the next five months for notes from Istanbul! Letters to Strangers galore, photos, and life of the twinless kind. If you’d like to contact me directly, e-mail is still working.

By the way, how do all you single folk live? Go get yourselves an identical twin if you don’t have one. Wordless interaction. We make magic 😀

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