I was trying to figure out what to leave here today. I’ve done LOTS and LOTS of writing over the last week. I’m talking at least two pages a day in the notebook. I want to leave it all here for you, but now, I can’t settle on what to post. I’m still caught up in that sublimity that I posted about on Monday in Words. Word. I watched DIrty Dancing last night. An all time favorite of mine (I know you love it too) and this song made me smile. Then, this morning my brother was playing the remix and I couldn’t help but get that same giddy feeling that words and thought have offered me recently.

Cheers to the time of my life! There is so much to look forward to. I think this song and good feelings are the only thing worthwhile to share today. Please listen to this song, LOUDLY. Bob your head to it. Shake your hips a bit. Dig awn it.

Also, can you get better than this music video? Lego people? Bits? Pixelated? Cool stuff!


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