Support a good cause. FUNK MUSIC!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the band, Urban Sun—based out of NYC, playing the most lively jams for over 10 years. They’re trying to record their second album, Trunk Jam, but they need your help! Funky music is for the people and Urban Sun are THE people to do it.


Urban Sun has setup the project on and they only need about 250 more dollars and four days to meet their goal. If this album doesn’t get made it would be a sad day for music, dancing, and booty shaking everywhere. Got a buck? Got two? Check out Urban Sun, pledge some money. You won’t regret it!

Urban Sun on Kickstarter! Album fundraiser!

Note sold yet? Listen to a tune. I’m sure that will change your mind.

Good Beat, Urban Sun

Not familiar with Kickstarter? You’re missing out! It’s the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Check out Click around, get inspired.

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