So here’s a new one. And the best one. FOUND BLOG

LivIn The World. (Click it and read on!)

My twin sister is travelling abroad this semester. Her destination: CYPRUS! Unfimiliar with it? It’s a small island one and a half times the size of Delaware floating in the sea between Greece and Turkey. Liv will be living in Nicosia (on the Greek ruled side) Let us not forget the still existing tension between the country itself, Greece and Turkey and she’s started a video blog to document her travels. Liv In The World will chronicle Liv’s life in the Mediterranean over the next four months for domestic friends, family, peers, and bloggers in the west. Heck, she’s going for worldwide community! Liv is going to be posting videos of new experiences in Cyprus, cultural immersion, and best yet, NEW ORIGINAL MUSIC. Get in the loop friends and live in the world with Liv.

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