Time, once again, has played with my head. The weeks are moving very slowly now that I can count the ones remaining in Santa Fe on half of my hand. Next: holding time in places (geographic locations) that I am a stranger to, which I do not belong (wholly) to because so much change has happened during my time away from them. And a seven month sojourn from the city I have come to call home, base, normal, routine. But this is all introspection.

On Saturday my mind turned inward, and only after turning did I realize that recently, I have lived an outward existence. I am no longer floating (as alluded to so many times in earlier letters and notes). A clearer picture of myself has been drawn for my eyes to see when I interact with the world. Then I remember that change is inevitable and I am susceptible to all of it.

And that’s okay. Because life only passes by day by day and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Time continues to move.

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