Awoke in a haze, dehydrated as always. What else can you expect in the desert? It is too early to be awake. Do we have time? When is your flight? Starbucks. Caffeine is our god. In the car, driving to the airport. A sendoff of friends. Unheeded traffic. No, we made it. Enjoy Florida! Subaru was smashed, totaled. Maybe they were in a rush, got too caught up. I was alone on the return. Driving through the morning sun. Filtering worry, placing it. There is always work to do. Homework, writing, it is break. Take a break.

Pump ten at the Allsups. Allsups has the cheapest gas on Saint Michael’s Drive. The wind had winter sleeping within it. The gas pump didn’t work. Mister inside the store didn’t process my fifteen dollars.Outside someone asked, Ma’am, do you know what day it is?  He was distinguished but leathered. Warm and comfortable in his stance. He had the reminder of a mustache.

Excuse me?

The day, do you know what day it is?

It’s Thanksgiving, I said.

The date? Do you know today’s date?

I believe it’s the 25th. But I could be wrong I am not too sure. (How can I lose track of the days, the date so easily. I set him up in the wrong day. The time, once again was wrong. But that leads me to believe it never mattered anyway.)

Whoa, you have a great voice, he said.

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve heard all of this before. I think it was in my head. Maybe someone said it. I think this day is one long dose of deja vu.

I walked into a warm house with bodies drifting on the couches and in the kitchen. There was a turkey in the oven. The vegetables need to be made. How long does the turkey need to cook? Let’s get some wine. The guacamole is delicious. Cigarette after cigarette being smoked on the stoop. The turkey is almost done. Give thanks. An eclectic family joins hands in an adobe hut. I am thankful for this family, for being here and nowhere else, for our hands touching palm to palm, for a break from school, for breathing, for being.

There was a fire outside in the backyard. Everyone was smoking cigarettes, a digestion aid. We ate too much. I can’t move. I need to sleep. There are tons of movies on T.V. Let’s watch a movie. We fall asleep. 12 hours later, we are still full from the meal. It is a new day.

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