I escaped Santa Fe for the weekend, left my laptop at home, turned my cell phone off–hid it from myself–and experienced some of the most serene parts of this country. I tip my hat to the southwest corner of Colorado, from Durango to Ouray, you took my breath away! You cleared my head. You let me sink into a fresh perspective and gave me the distance I needed from everything. Thank you.


On the way up, the drive took two more hours than expected, a total of six hours, but the scenery was astonishing, a mental high from the energy in Taos, a friend’s first sight of the Gorge, a sunset on fire–yellow leaves casting pink and purple across the mountain side and into the sky–the feeling of being the only car on the road for miles ahead and behind, solitude, the company of broken down barns and abandoned houses, and when the sun fell into the ground, the high beams and the curve of the road taking us into our own oblivion of time and space. Fort Lewis College, homecoming, old friends, new friends, & slack-lining.

Saturday we headed up to Ouray for a day of climbing. Moseyed to the bottom of Box Falls Canyon and down the main street of Ouray, picked up some tacos, and after rock climbing, a “scrap cookie” and cup of coffee. It is a snow globe of a town. No harm could touch us there. My first time rock climbing. Can anyone say, addiction? They say it’s all about balance and I’d venture to say that you have to swallow your ego, trust your limbs and gather all your fearlessness to scale a rock wall in a harness and a rope.

Headed home Sunday. The prospect of a new week. A clear head. Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy, farms, layered rock faces, autumn and nostalgia

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