Autumn is rolling in on the coat tails of the wind and all I can think about is the East Coast—-the blossoming foliage, football games and marching bands, Sunday dinners with my family and every playlist I ever made titled October or November. All those songs that I associate with seasons, with the fall. I talked to a friend from home last night, told him I want to photograph New York City when I get home at Christmas, that I miss the city, the pace, the people. He said, the grass is always greener on the other side.

I am in Santa Fe and want New Jersey.  The semester is in full swing. There is tons of reading and writing happening but all I want is to go back to last year, to my old house, to my beautiful housemates, to the solitude of a smaller campus. I want to adventure across this state, explore the desert as the seasons change and it makes me nostalgic for the road. This period of stasis is not the stasis I intended. I want to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. I want to be submerged in new landscapes and unfamiliar sights. The change of season is not enough for me anymore. I need movement.

Here are some pictures from my time spent in Chicago at the end of July. (Click on image to view larger)

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