I have waited for it. That one song, that new hook. And I might have found it. This is it. I cannot stop hitting repeat–four, five, six times. I need to hear this song and it’s more than the lyrics or that guitar part. It’s the beat, that vibration. It stuns me every time. And the clap track. It gets serious. The things that a clapping track can do for a song. Shoulders shake, heart skips because you want and need to soak up every particle of sound coming from those speakers.

Thanks to some lovely women who opened my eyes to this band, Florence and the Machine (they have a blog too, check it). This is the music collaboration of Florence Welch, along with other musicians. People meeting people, making music, spreading good feelings and art. Got to check out this band and listen to this song. Really loudly. With big speakers. And room to dance.

Dog Days Are Over

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