The road trip has begun! We are halfway through our first day, presently in Boulder, CO sitting in Peet’s Coffee & Tea at the Twenty Ninth Street Shopping Center. I have successfully mastered driving a standard, gotten myself out of first gear and into second, even pulled a U-y on a hill! It’s off to Chicago in the morning. Below is a map of the route thus far as well as a note from the road.

I-25. Somewhere outside of Las Vegas, NM. Nick is driving. We put the top up because it’s beginning to rain. The rain is gentle and matches the sky. As we descended the last hill, the fog, white and fuzzy, like static sitting on top of the green farmland stretching on all sides of us became apparent and engulfing. There are train tracks embedded beside me, power-lines marking their distance, though counting each electric cross proves fruitless. And it’s strange to be exactly in a place (on I-25, driving in a car) but nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I have left the only house and home I have known recently. It was constant throughout a year of transition and now I am on the road. Rolling over pavement, in a dark green convertible, with two friends, siblings to one another, whom I can only begin to understand with each mile we drive. I want to scream on the top of my lungs, ask them questions. I wonder what they’re thinking, how the time and geography is effecting them. Are they content as I assume myself to be? The fog has lifted. It is sitting softly above us. Funny how clouds act that way. You look up at the sky and can feel their weight. The bottoms are rounded and dark, weeping for the absolution of rain. But the blue always peaks through and they are apparently clouds, tricking you.

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