I’m looking through days and days of newspapers at work and come across this article, A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding, from a month ago. I’d like to weigh in on it and see what you all think in cyberspace.

My opinion: No need to print this article, waste of time and ink? Probably. People are people, they will interact as they will. Children are people too and sharing is a learned behavior. If a girl is a bitch in elementary school, chances are she will be that way forever. Same goes for boys. I fear for the next generation if  friendship making skills and interactions are steered and coddled by what “experts” have found and what studies have shown. I think the REAL problem is playdates and psychotic parents, and articles such as this that bring awareness to unimportant issues. Let the kids get in fights, how are they going to learn to work out their problems when mom and dad aren’t there to do it for them. Placing a label where it just doesn’t fit.

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